Marketing Platform

Looking to take your real estate marketing to the next level? Our platform offers a cutting-edge unit finder, in-depth insights, and intelligent automatic ads. Marketing your properties will be a breeze.

Everything you need, gathered in one place for maximum efficiency and results.

The Locka Platform

Locka is the digital bridge between your real estate project and customers. With an intuitive view of each apartment, seamless synchronization with your property system, and a clear understanding of the entire project, the Unit Finder makes it easy for customers to find their future home.

Seamless synchronization
Our integration platform automatically syncs with your property system, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information in near real-time.
Ease of use
Its intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate and understand your project.
Flexible implementation
The Unit Finder is easy to intergrate into platforms and website and is mobile friendly, giving you the versatility you need.
Adaptable design
The appearance can be customized to match your brand colors.

Overview and Insight

With our intuitive admin interface, you get an overview of all your projects in one place, making management and follow-up easier. Additionally, with our detailed unit tracking, you get insights that are invaluable for refining your marketing strategy.

Take advantage of data to optimize your presence and compare your projects to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

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Based on data in your project

Automatic ads

Our marketing platform goes one step further when it comes to smart advertising. By delving deep into collected data, the system identifies which of your objects need extra exposure. Based on this insight, the platform automatically generates and posts tailored ads, optimized to give these objects a boost.

Locka offers more control than many other advertising tools. And it's convenient to be able to reuse everything you've filled in the Unit Finder instead of double-working with external tools.

Rikard Auregård
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A Swedish standard

Swedish property developers have realized that our marketing platform is the key to successful presentation of their construction projects. The numbers speak for themselves: we are the obvious choice for the modern construction industry in Sweden.

Have used our solutions to market and inform about their construction projects.
is currently live for sale, rental, and information on our platform.
use our solutions and platform to help their tenants find their future home.
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