3D Visualization

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At Locka, three of Scandinavia's premier 3D agencies—Sightline, wec360°, and 3D-Nord—have joined forces to pioneer an entirely fresh standard of architectural 3D visualization. We take pride in collectively establishing a new benchmark, elevating the industry's visualization experiences to greater heights.


Interactive 3D Models

With our interactive 3D models, you can give your customers a unique preview of your projects. User-friendly, comprehensive, and designed to elevate the presentation of your spaces. Empower your customers to independently explore prospective spaces.

300% More Attention

Capture your audience! Our data shows that prospects engage with interactive models three times longer than with still images.

Unit Finder

Property Models | Light

Interactive 3D models that show the entire building, block, or area from all angles.

The Unit Finder, Sun Study, and more can be applied directly to the 3D model.

Interior WebGL

Unit Models | Light

The interior 3D models provide both an overview of the unit and the ability to freely walk around in all rooms.

There is also the possibility to show all the apartment's dimensions, as well as the actual balcony views.


Neo4 | Advanced 3D Model

Neo4 represents the future of 3D visualization. With an encompassing, fully immersive experience and world-class realism, we present your projects from a large-scale level in neighborhoods down to individual homes and rooms with actual views, sunlight and material choices.

360° Virtual Tours

Our 360° tours offer a photorealistic journey into future living spaces. With an inspiring level of detail, each view captures the essence of homeliness and showcases the home in its best possible way.

Measurement Feature

Clear the space of furniture and unveil every measurement in the entire unit, with the click of a button.

For everyone, on all platforms.

From desktops to tablets and smartphones, our solutions operate smoothly in your web browsers.

Magical 3D Images

We combine a photographic sensibility, a passion for interior design, and technical expertise to produce high-quality 3D images.

Our focus is on creating the right emotions and expressions that resonate with the project's target audience, weaving in high levels of detail and realism.

We understand the importance of showcasing a project in the best possible way, and our 3D images are created with both customers and end-users perspectives in mind.


Unit Finder

Our Unit Finder maximizes the benefits of 3D visualizations. It quickly matches consumers with their dream apartment and reduces your administration.

Smart features automatically highlight apartments that need more exposure, such as with ads in Meta or Google Ads.

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