About Locka:

Everything under one roof

Locka represents a new era in the real estate transaction industry. We combine 3D visualization, Unit Finders, Interior Designer, Issue Management and Virtual Binders - all in one platform.

Locka is a merger between wec360°, Sightline, Libitum and 3D-Nord.

Throughout the entire customer journey:

From start to finish

Locka is a one-stop-shop that supports the real estate transaction process throughout the entire customer journey, from vision to aftermarket. This holistic approach simplifies the process for our customers, increases efficiency, and ensures that every step in the sales journey is optimized. Our combined strength means that we can offer the very best, without compromise.

Our vision:

Be a part of every housing transaction

We want to redefine the real estate transaction process. Through innovative technology and insightful data, we create a bridge between sellers and buyers with the goal of making every housing transaction enjoyable, easy, and secure. We envision a future where Locka is an indispensable part of every real estate transaction.

Locka offers solutions in:

Scandinavia's largest marketing platform:

Over 70,000 apartments

Our Unit Finder and its smart advertising features have become the industry standard in Sweden. Currently, our solutions are used for 74,905 apartments. The solutions include both interactive 3D models and the Unit Finder, as well as our systems for interior design and aftermarket.

Over the course of a year, more than 600,000 prospective buyers use our tools to find and define their future homes.

70 000+
apartments in our platform
customers use our solutions
600 000+
users annually

A selection of customers:

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Locka was born out of a clear insight. A centralized, data-driven platform is needed to cover the entire sales journey in real estate transactions. We are convinced that the key to success is better use of data and solutions that simplify the process for both buyers and sellers.

With Locka, we have the power to support the real estate market in the headwinds the industry is going through and drive development forward.

Johan Corke
Johan Corke
CEO of Locka

Over 20 years of experience

For over two decades, our founding companies have individually established a solid foundation and extensive experience in the real estate industry. Now, as these companies are combined under Locka, we have accumulated expertise and solid experience that allows us to offer our customers an incomparable combination of knowledge and skills.

Together, we carry the lessons of history and look forward with excitement to the opportunities of the future.

Our focus

We have based Locka around three areas that we are passionate about and that we believe are key to industry success:


We see data as one of our most valuable assets for driving business success.

In addition to collecting and presenting in-depth insights about the projects, our platform can use this data to automatically take actions. Examples of such actions include automated advertising based on project goals and customer behaviors.

We believe that the right information, interpreted and used in the right way, can revolutionize the way real estate transactions are done.


For decades, we have helped the real estate industry develop technically. We are passionate about constantly being at the forefront, and by integrating the latest in proptech, we have created a platform that streamlines processes and creates a unique experience for homebuyers.

Our solutions are based on both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) as well as a wide range of other techniques for visualization and presentation.

With Locka, technology and innovation become a central part of how real estate transactions are made in today's digital age.


We believe that personal relationships are the foundation of successful business.

Our platform is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between all parties involved in a real estate transaction, from buyers and sellers to agents and developers.

By putting people first, we create a more transparent and efficient process that benefits everyone involved.

Management Team

Björn Unger

Björn Unger

COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Johan Corke

Johan Corke

Malin Hart Randes

Malin Hart Randes

CSO (Chief Sales Officer)
Mattias von Corswant

Mattias von Corswant

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Peter Kaiser

Peter Kaiser

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Press Release: 2023-09-12

wec360°, Sightline och Libitum merge

The new company Locka will strengthen the housing market in challenging times.

Press Contact:
Mattias von Corswant
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
766 471 637)0( 64+moc.akcol@tnawsroc.saittam

Today wec360°, Sightline and Libitum join together and launched under the new brand Locka. Together they have the ambition to revolutionize the entire customer journey in the housing industry through extensive data insights. Through Lockas united service for visualization and digital presentation of housing with options for add-on selection, case management and aftermarket under the same roof. The new company will be involved in 65% of all new production housing transactions in Sweden.

"That this merger takes place we see as a step in the right direction for The whole industry. We as a client get a single supplier to turn to to solve a wide range of problems, it makes it easier on so many levels", says Iyob Mesfin, Sales and Marketing Manager, Peab Project Development.

With the launch of Locka, the offering is expanded to include, among other things, the Nordic region's leading Unit Finder that streamlines the sales cycle, 3D images and interactive models. The new ecosystem can guide home buyers to their new home, but also help with interior selections, questions and issues long after moving in. An important function is the ability to use collected data to automatically start tailored ad campaigns, ensuring that homes that need increased exposure quickly reach the right target audience. At the same time, the company is moving towards a SaaS model and a more focused digital service that enables faster updates and an improved customer experience.

"Locka was born out of a clear insight. We realized that a centralized, data-driven platform is needed to cover the entire customer journey when buying or selling a home. By collecting larger amounts of data, we gain better insight into how our customers behave and how market trends are developing. Together, we have the power to support the housing market in the headwinds the industry is going through and drive development forward", says Johan Corke, CEO Locka, former CEO Libitum.

Some facts about Lockas business

  • On the day of the launch, the total sales value of homes listed for sale through Locka's home selector is 23,399,569,763 SEK.
  • Today, there are 74,905 apartments in Locka's platforms for sales, rentals, interior design choices, and aftermarket in the 12 countries where they have projects.
  • A total of 625,559 users have accessed information about homes through Locka's platforms in the past 12 months.
  • In the construction and real estate industry, there are 628 companies that are or have been customers of Locka.
  • Locka's combined offering extends on average over 7 years in the customer journey.