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For long-term customer relationships

In today's digital age, efficient handover and issue management are becoming increasingly important.

With our digital solutions, you get the tools to:

  • optimize follow-up
  • manage customer cases with precision
  • simplify digital handover

By investing in smooth, digital processes after the completion of the construction project, you strengthen your brand and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.


When it's time for the customer to access their new home, it's important that the handover is safe and smooth for all parties involved. This builds the foundation for a high NKI (customer satisfaction index) and a smooth handling of aftermarket.

We offer a fully-fledged tool for Handover.

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Collect and manage issues in one place:


As a property owner or housing developer, there is a lot to keep track of, especially when it comes to managing warranty issues and issue management.

With our solution for aftermarket and issue management, you get a clear overview. As soon as an issue comes into the system, you receive a notification and can effortlessly allocate the matter to the respective contractor or supplier responsible for resolving it.

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With Lockas's services for option and issue management, we save time.

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Digital Binder

With our digital binder, you as a property developer can hand over all documentation and desired functionality to the housing association or a joint property owner association.

Important information such as maintenance instructions, inspection protocols, supplier information, and other important documents are always available. Can be uploaded for the association or the individual residence. Here, the digital customer journey is easily extended as long as the association wishes.

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